We propose you various payment methods for your order.

Upon payment of invoice
For payment upon invoice the customer is obliged to pay the invoice amount without any deduction within 30 days of receiving the goods. You will find all necessary information on the payment slip and on the invoice.

In individual cases, we reserve the right to deliver the goods only against advance payments.


Advance payment
A safe manner is adavance payment. Together with your order mail you will receive all necessary information for the transaction and are asked to pay the full amount after its reception.


Payment with PayPal
Choose PayPal during your oder process. After sending your order you will automatically forwarded to PayPal for making the payment.

+ 2 % commission are imposed in case of on-line orders

Payment with PayPal requires opening an account with PayPal. Users can entrust their bank or credit card details to this account so that these do not have to be provided for every purchase.

For future payment with PayPal, you need only your user data and password. .

You will find additionnal information about PayPal here.